Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Family Vacation

We just completed our very first week-long family vacation. We stayed in a friends home in Swansboro, NC. Here is a day by day account of what we did.

We arrived on Saturday afternoon and while my mom and I walked around Swansboro the boys were treated to cookies with Daddy & Papa at the local bakery. We all ate dinner at Captain Charlie's Seafood Restaurant. Later that evening Jeff & I had a short date to a local Pub & then to the bar for a blue margarita!

On Sunday we (Me, Jeff, the boys, Nana & Papa (my parents) met up with Mawmaw & Pawpaw (Jeff's Parents)at the campground they were staying at in Emerald Isle & went to the pool. After a picnic lunch Nana & Papa headed home. Kent with to the beach with Aunt Immy to meet up with his cousin Tayven & her parents Jenny & Joey. Jeff & I stayed behind while Peyton took a little nap in the camper. Later that evening we hosted a birthday cookout for Tayven who turned five. The boys really enjoyed playing with their cousins (Tay & Evie) with chalks & swinging on the front porch.

Monday the 14th Kent went to the beach with Tay while Jeff & I shopped the Emerald Isle tourist shops like Wings. Our goal was to drive around while Peyton napped but it didn't quite work out that way. Late in the afternoon we went to the aquarium (pictures to come soon) Then we ate dinner at the Sanitary Restaurant in Morehead City. It's popularity is highly overrated as the food is too expensive for the quantity & quality. Kent spent the night with Tayven.

On Tuesday morning Peyton woke us up at the usual 7 o'clock (no sleeping in on this vacation) so we walked down to Yana's Restaurant in Swansboro for breakfast. Jeff & I agree that this is the best restaurant down there. The service is wonderful, food tastes great & even better the prices are cheap. I had Strawberry Fritters (just like Grannys Apple Fritters just Strawberrys) & Peyton had a pancake in the shape of a mouse. Jeff ate too but all I remember was eggs over easy which to me isn't as exciting as my fritters & Peyton's mouse cake :) After lunch we drove over to Emerald Isle and enjoyed a lazy swim in the indoor pool at Kim & Jenny's condo (Pebble Beach) with the entire family. After swimming we went to the campground & the boys played at the park there for a short while. We went back to the house in Swansboro and while Peyton napped, Kent worked on his homeworrk then we ate dinner (hot dog stuffed twice baked potatoes - my new yummy creation) & settled in for a good nights rest. I wish I could have taken a picture of the boys cuddled up together while they were sleeping. It was soooo sweet.

Wednesday was probably my favorite part of our entire vacation. We took a ferry over to Bear Island/Hammocks Beach State Park and walked the beach. We collected a lot of shells & played in the water. It was a beautiful day with perfect weather. Jeff and I did get burnt but let me tell you this tan I have now is so worth it (I did put sunscreen on but for some reason this week it just wasn't working because both times it was applied I got burnt) As we were walking bac k Peyton fell asleep in the stroller which is highly unusual for him. As you can tell we took a lot of pictures!

On Thursday we met Jenny, Joey & Tayven at Emerald Isle and then drove to Fort Macon. It was a very neat place to explore. This was also another photo taking day for me. We had a picnic lunch nearby in a large gazebo overlooking the beach. Then we all went to The Lost Treasure to play miniature golf. It was Kent's first time playing. Peyton enjoyed it as well because we rode a mining train to the top and then played our way down the gold diggers course. Afterwards we went swimming at the indoor pool since the outdoor pools felt like they were filled with ice cubes.

Friday we went to the beach at Emerald Isle & unfortunately I forgot my camera but it was a cloudy & kinda rainy day so they probably wouldn't have come out that good anyways. The kids played in the sand while Jeff & Joey hung out in the water & Kim, Jenny & I chilled under the umbrella. We left at lunch time & had I known that it was going to be our last trip to the beach I probably would've packed a lunch because it was another perfect day at the beach. We had lunch at a yummy mexican restaurant in Swansboro called Buena Vista. Great service & atmosphere. Later that evening we met with everyone at Flipperz in Emerald Isle for dinner & to say good bye to everyone (Jenny, Joey, Tayven, Stephen, Kim & Evie) because they all left on Saturday morning and we stayed until Sunday.

Saturday, my mom & I shopped while dad & Jeff took care of the boys. I honestly have no idea what they did other that walk around town at least 6 times! We all went to dinner at the Red Barn which is a little hole in the wall in the middle of nowhere...seriously.

Sunday we got up, cleaned the house, and while the linens were washing my mom & I took the boys to the local park. It had a cute pirate theme & the boys really had a good time. Kent did embarrass me by calling out, "Good Morning, Old Lady" to a very nice woman walking out of her house to go to church. She even stopped later to invite him to sunday school with her.

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