Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So Peyton is really getting around now - crawling that is - and he loves to follow us from room to room like a little puppy but today confirmed it. I'm at work watching the babies and they are both eating mac n cheese in their high chairs. The little girl decides that she doesn't want any more and feels bad for Peyton I guess and starts throwing the pasta on the ground for him. Peyton starts eating it and LOVES it. I'm so glad that one of my boys isn't picky with pasta!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random Pics from this week

A few highlights from this week:

Peyton has 2 teeth now & is very needy. He wants to be held most of the day and is up every 2hours at night and then only takes 15 min naps during the day. Needless to say, I'm exhausted. However, the kid has a sense of humor that keeps Jeff and I laughing. Today as we were sitting around having family time I would prompt him to say, Ma Ma and like a little parrot he would repeat it. Then Jeff or I would prompt him to say, Da Da and he would shake his head "No" and laugh! Priceless moment. Most of the day he was shaking his head no, its cute now but I can see already that its going to cause problems in the future.

I switched both boys over to cloth diapers this week to save money (and the environment, I guess :). Both boys seem to like them ok and they look so cute on them! I couldn't believe that they are 2 years a part and wear the same size!

Peyton Playing at the Train Table

Peyton LOVES his brother!

Many have described this as Peyton's GQ pose...whatever that means

Bath Time

The boys in their matching FuzziBuns!

Kent loves his "baby"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fouth of July Weekend

We went to the River for the Fourth of July with Nana and Papa B. It was a great escape from the norm. The weather was nice minus a few BAD storms but it kept the hot & bugs away! On Friday the Fourth we rode down and the boys slept while I enjoyed a funny book called, Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like A Skank! by Celia Rivenbank. Then on Saturday, Halley and Mama Jean joined us for some fun in the sun. Kent really enjoyed being on the beach building sand castles or destroying them rather and playing in the water. Dad borrowed Uncle Lin's "yellow boat" for the weekend - it's for sale if anyone is interested let me know! Kent was excited about riding until he got splashed in the face. Then Saturday evening we went to the annual pig picking and "Pig"ged out. Saturday night was when the really bad storms came thru and literally shook the house. Then Sunday morning the boys played on the beach a little while Jeff and I packed up. We truly had a great time and I'm looking forward to next year's 4th when Peyton will be walking and enjoy the trip more without eating sand. Enjoy the pics!

Peyton looking out at the River

Kent playing in the sand

Peyton eating Sand
The Boys with their buckets

Papa & Kent in the River

Kent and Daddy taking a walk on the beach

Kent walking the beach
Jeff looking for sharks teeth
Kent & Daddy on the "yellow boat"
Peyton may only have 1 tooth but he tore that peach up!

Happy 4th from the Happy Boy! - By far the cutest picture taken all weekend!

Peyton loves Dora just as much as Kent does

Peyton & Mommy

Kent was just too tired to cooperate for a nice family picture

You can see how truly exhausted he was in this one

Playing in the water just one more time before we had to leave