Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The "Hat"

Peyton got a hold of one of Kent's hats and turned into an instant comedian.

Chuck E Cheese - Saturday, January 17th

We went to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese this past Saturday & Peyton ate 4 pieces of pizza! I cannot believe that his little tummy took it & didn't get a belly ache.

Peyton's First Haircut

Peyton had his very first haircut on Friday, January 16th. He did not like it one bit! Here are the before, during & after pictures.




Cute Pictures of the boys

If it seems that I have more pictures of Peyton than Kent it is because Kent does not like to have his picture taken any more so I relish the good ones I get of him actually smiling.

I can't capture this face & sniffing on a picture but this is close. Peyton grins, squints his eyes and sniffs/laughs really fast usually ending with a snort until he and everyone around him is laughing so hard they can't stop. It makes me laugh so hard I cry sometimes. I'm going to try to video it soon.

Christmas Day

Here are a few pictures from Christmas Day. It was a little crazy around here so there aren't much but the boys got a TON of new presents including a kitchen, John Deere Toy Box, a bunch of Playtown people & places, a Little People Learn about Town, VSmile Baby, a learning laptop, a bunch of new Thomas train table things & much much more. I honestly couldn't tell you at this point who was given what because the boys enjoy playing with the toys equally so there is no "mine" at this time. I did make a list of who gave what so while a little later than I planned I'm getting the thank yous out by the end of this week.

This is after Santa visited but before the boys woke up.

This is Kent first thing before his eyes are even open good. He said everything was "beautiful"

Kent in a Bag

Baby in a Bag