Friday, January 14, 2011

2010 Fun

I was thinking the other day over all the fun stuff we did in 2010 and said I needed to write it all down so I don't forget so whenever I get back to scrapbooking I can put descriptions with pictures. I don't have time tonight to upload all the fun pictures but here is our 2010 in words.
In January it snowed & Mom put her business into the works.
In February Mom & I opened the doors of Ladybugs Cottage and the boys started full time care with a sitter...she didn't work out but that's ok because it opened the doors for Great Granny & Amber in March.
From March to May Great Granny watched the boys in the morning and Amber watched the boys in the afternoon.
April we celebrated Easter with both families and enjoyed 2 easter egg hunts with our cousins Faith & Evie.
May was a busy month. Kent graduated from Preschool and we all traveled to West Virginia for Memorial Day for a fun packed weekend! Lots of photos were taken including many with MawMaw Crowder. The boys really enjoyed Camden Park with Tayven & Evie too.
June and July were made for Fun in the Sun! We bought a pool that was big enough for adults and children and the boys spent most of their time outdoors with their sitter. Jeff and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary on June 29th. July 4th weekend we went to the river and played in the water. Kent met 2 girls from down the way and talked about them for the remainder of the summer. The boy is bound to have a girl on both arms for life...just like his daddy! Both boys went tubing and were able to ride a neighbor's jet ski!
I had the opportunity to run the store by myself for the entire last week of July and it was the best week of sales all summer!
On the first week of August, Kent started Kindergarten and it was the hardest thing for me to watch him walk in that classroom but he did great and met lots of new friends. On the second week of school he turned 5! I brought in cupcakes (store bought as school procedure) & managed to drop the entire box in the grocery store. Luckily none of them fell out but they weren't as pretty as they were supposed to be but the kids still loved them. I don't think I will ever forget that! Tayven came up for Evie's birthday and we celebrated poolside! We also went to see Curious George LIVE! with Evie & Tayven. It was kinda boring for Kent but Peyton seemed to enjoy the music.
In September, we went to the River for Labor Day and enjoyed the end of summer with lots of was nice to get away but miserable at the same time because we couldn't be outside without getting eaten up. Peyton started Preschool & loved it from the first day! He met lots of friends and really enjoys music class. Due to many circumstances I decided somewhere around this time to cut back my hours at work so that the only childcare is school & preschool.
Kent is on a special modified traditional schedule at school so he had a 2 week fall break the last week of September & first week of October so we chose this as the perfect time to plan a mini vacation. We chose to spend a weekend at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC. While it was a nice trip we were a little disappointed because Peyton wasn't tall enough to do many of the slides so we want to go back in a few years so we can enjoy the same slides together as a family. We did enjoy dinner with cousins Sarah & Jeremy and all the time we spent at the huge mall. Later in October both boys had field trips to the same farm so Jeff took off a day and we went as a family with Peyton's class to Vollmer Farms. There was a hayride, corn crib, pumpkin jump & much more. We ended our day with a picnic with cousin Faith and made plans for Halloween. Tayven came one weekend and the boys enjoyed visiting with her. The boys were very lucky to spend Halloween with both Faith & Evie this year which made trick or treating so much more fun for us adults as well! Kent was Buzz, Peyton was Woody, Faith was Jessie & Evie was Mickey Mouse. Lots of cute photo ops for the month of October.
Peyton turned 3 the day after Thanksgiving in November. I was in charge of his class parties so he had many celebrations with family and friends between his friends at school and family at Thanksgiving. We tried to have a Black Friday Dinner and invited lots of people with children but unfortunately the boys were very disappointed because only adults attended.
In December Jeff's Parents bought us all tickets to see Toy Story 3 on Ice and it was AMAZING! The boys were very impressed. We moved the boys to bunkbeds on Christmas Eve and they both received a Twin size quilt made by me! They received lots of Toy Story & Batman toys this year. Their favorite present seriously were their new shoes from daddy! So I told Jeff that he was in charge of Christmas presents from now on!

My biggest accomplishment in 2010 was learning to sew! I made 7 Quilts!!! I also made a few purses, a wallet & a wall hanging. I had no idea that talent lived with me but now that I do the skys the limit! Not only did I learn to sew but I started teaching kids a few months later and those girls continue to amaze me not to mention Kent & Peyton and the small projects they completed. 2010 was truly a great year for me I can only pray that 2011 will be even better!