Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Day at the Beach

We took the boys to Wrightsville Beach today to meet up with Mamaw, Papaw, Immy, Uncle Stephen & Baby Evie to take some family photos. They turned out pretty good I think.
All of Us

The Big Kids: Kim & Stephen, Me & Jeff

The Little Kids: Peyton, Evie & Kent

Our Family

Me & Jeff

The Boys

The classic "Jeff" look amazing isn't it?

Mamaw & Papaw or Becky & Kenny

Kim, Stephen & Evie

Kim & Stephen

Baby Evie

Kim & Evie - Mommy & Me Moment :)

After we took pictures the boys were able to let loose a little & play in the sand. I wish I had planned ahead & brought toys it was a beautiful day & perfect weather for the beach. Instead we left shortly after these were taken, ate lunch at Dockside & went to a really neat park to wear the boys out so they would have a nice nap on the ride home which they did. Both of the woke up about 10 minutes from home so the timing worked out great.

Evie loves Kent!

An Awesome picture of Kent

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter 2009

I wanted to do something different with the boys Easter pictures this year because I am tired of the same boring poses that the studios do. So me (the famous photographer that I am -HA!) and my assistant, Halley took the boys to the WRAL Azalea Gardens which was the perfect spot for spring pictures. My subjects however were not the perfect angels that I needed them to be to get the perfect picture so this is what I got. Peyton was very cranky & wanted to be held the entire time so it was very difficult to get a good shot of him. Kent was good because he wanted his gum that I promised if he would take a good picture. He had a great time because the gardens have all these different trails to run around in and his favorite was the fountain.

This is my favorite out of all of them:

This is best I was able to get:

This is what most of them look like:

We tried everything including having the boys sit on me:

All of Kent's pictures were good:

And I was able to get good ones of Peyton as long as I was holding him: