Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve at Granny's

We spent Christmas Eve lunch at Great Granny's for a wonderful meal and time with relatives from near and far. Even the fire ants had a nice feast on Kent's back! Here are a few pictures that were taken by Kent, Rose, Preston &/or Adam of almost everyone that was there. Kent's pictures actually turned out pretty good for a 3 year old! Kent, Peyton & Bryson had similar outfits made by Aunt Dottie and we tried very hard to get a good picture of them together but as you can see in the pictures we did good to get a good picture of them separately.

Kris Angel wannabe?

I hope not!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Peyton!!!

Today is Peyton's 1st Birthday! He must have known that it was his special day because he slept in 1 hr later than he normally does allowing me to catch up on emails & make his special breakfast (a star shaped muffin). Later while he is napping, Kent and I are going to bake his cake and wrap his present.

Don't laugh at his cake, Kent got ahold of the one I made just for Peyton & ate over half of it so I had to improvise & use a cookie cutter to get the star shape.

Birthday Outfit


Ummm what is this...

Ok I might like it...

Is this supposed to be a hat?

Guess not...


Opening his present

Monday, November 24, 2008

A few new pictures

Things are getting a little crazy here with Peyton's birthday, Thanksgiving, Jeff's birthday & Christmas all right around the corner but I took a couple of pictures the other day while the boys were playing outside together and before we headed off to church yesterday. Peyton is wearing an outfit that Kent wore last December. I can't believe he's going to be 1 in 2 days!!! He has grown so fast.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday, October 22nd

Today we went on a playdate with MOPS to Vollmer Farms. Nana tagged along to help keep up with the boys. It was very cold but we still had fun. First we went on a hayride, then we learned about various NC crops like cotton, tobacco, soy beans, corn, and of course pumpkins.

Peyton on the Big Boy John Deere Tricycle

Isn't this an awesome picture of them?

Pickin Pumkins

This is us hanging out in the "Corn Crib." It's my personal favorite thing at Vollmer. We came home loaded with corn in our socks & pants!

Yummy Corn...Peyton couldn't resist trying some!

Monday October 20th

Over the weekend I cleaned the house - well some of it anyways and so I decided to get out today. Kent found my boots in my newly organized closet and just had to wear them. I had to draw the line at him wearing them to school though. I took Kent to school and bundled Peyton up in a soft hoodie and we parked at Home Depot in Knightdale and walked to the new TJ Max and then walked back. The exercise and fresh air was good for us both. Then Jeff and I made steak & shrimp kabobs...aren't they gorgorous?

Sunday October 19th


Kent had his girlfriends - yes you read that right there were 3 of them - afterschool today and they had a blast. First they shared a nutritous lunch from MickeyD's, then they played, watched Wubbzy while sharing popcorn and played outside. After they left Kent said, they're coming back tomorrow right? LOL!

Here are some cute pictures of Peyton in my favorite winter outfit so far this year.

Friday, October 17, 2008

10/4/08 - A Day Out with Thomas

Today we went to the Railroad Museum in Spencer, NC to meet Thomas the Train & Bob the Builder. It was a wonderful family event and MaMaw & Papaw went with us. We got to ride on Thomas and see Bob in action. There was lots of things to look at but it was a little crowded so we're planning on taking another day trip sometime in the future to check out the museum.

Meet Thomas the Tank Engine

Here is Kent and Mamaw boarding Thomas

Waiting for Thomas to "Go Train Go"

Meet Bob the Builder

This is an awesome replica of Thomas made out of Legos.
Kent is the conductor and telling everyone: "All Aboard!"

Kent and Mommy on the Red Caboose

This is part of the museum that we were able to explore. It contained old automobiles, airplanes and other antique transportation vehicles.
Kent is doing what all children do at some point and that is standing behind the rope that nobody is supposed to cross. He is standing in front of a Highway Patrol motorcycle and car.

Kent the airplane pilot - scary isn't it?

Kent going down the slide on the Thomas Bounce House

The only picture I was able to get of both boys together all day.

And last but certainly not least, Sir Topham Hat. We didn't get to meet him but I was able to catch a shot of him from the sidelines.

Since the boys were in such good spirits, we left Spencer and headed to Concord to check out the mall. It is incredible. We shopped and picked up a few things and then we ate at Macado's where Jeff's cousin-in-law, Jeremy (I guess that's right) works at and had a great dinner. We left threw the Bass Pro Shop and saw the biggest catfish I have ever seen. Below are pictures from inside Macado's & outside the Bass Pro Shop.
Tree in Macado's - The Lion from the Wizard of Oz is hanging from it.

Dinosaur coming out of the wall at Macado's

Kent posing outside the Bass Pro Shop before we head home

Now Kent is a race car must be fun to have so many exciting careers at the age of 3!

Peyton is ready to head home to his bed.