Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Hope Railway Musuem

Today we went to the New Hope Railway Musuem in New Hill, NC just outside of Apex. It was an interesting experience to say the least. The place is rather small but they have a really neat model train set up that the kids loved to walk around. We took a one hour ride on the Steam Engine train & as it was pulling back into the station some idiot ran right into the middle of the train! So we were on the train an extra hour because the State Highway Patrol needed everyone's name, address & phone number that was on the train. Here are some pictures from our wild adventure :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Month of May

The whole month of May passed without a post...did you miss us? Make sure you scroll all the way down so you see all the pictures!

On Mothers Day we had Mawmaw & Pawpaw over for lunch & played outside, then we ate dinner at Uncle Lin's:

On the weekend before Memorial Day we went to the River. The weather was perfect and the only thing that happened out of the ordinary or maybe I should consider it normal now I don't know was that we had to take Peyton to the ER. His ear was bright red and very swollen. We tried urgent care but she didn't know how to file our insurances (insert unnice words here) so she told us to go to the ER! Here are some pictures of the boys playing:

Here are some of the things that happened in between: This is Peyton giving me a kiss & then repeating the word "Happy" Over & Over & Over again. I guess he was truly happy!

Peyton turned 18 months on the 26th!!!

Just for fun & Fathers Day!


My little Monkey

Uh Oh...

Peyton goofing off with Kent's John Deere Hat

Easter Weekend April 11-13

Sorry its been so long! I haven't spent much time at the computer other than to check email lately. We had a long Easter Weekend. On Friday we went to Pullen Park, Saturday evening we went to Pawpaw's birthday party & saw lots of family & friends, then on Sunday we went to Nana's for lunch & then to Mawmaw's for the afternoon. Kent had 3 Easter Egg Hunts! (School, Mawmaws & Nana's) Needless to say the two boys got WAY more Easter Candy than they could eat in a year so Mommy & Daddy helped them out but it still took about a month to finish it all off! The Easter Bunny brought a Cabbage Patch Boy Doll to Peyton & a Tattoo Kit to Kent. Here are some pictures from the weekend.
Pullen Park - check back soon there may be more pictures from the Park coming.
Kent & Tayven riding in the boats

Want some? It's yummy, just look at my face :)

Peyton on the carosel

PawPaw's Party
Getting ready to leave

I was trying really hard to get a picture of Peyton in this outfit before he outgrew it. The hat was ridiculously small & this was the best shot I could get of it.

This is a neat shot of him running away from me :)

Loves the Vroom-vroom!

Nana's Easter Egg Hunt
It's a ball, It's a ball, It's big & round & green & It's a ball!

The boys finding their first eggs, next year baby Faith will be able to join in the fun!



Kent eating candy - once he realized the eggs had something in them he lost interest in finding them, I guess next year it will dawn on him that the more he finds the more candy he gets :)

Peyton running around...he looks so happy in this one!