Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Demolition Experts

Ok so while I wasn't quick enough to catch them in action that particular day I can promise you at some point something was destroyed, trashed, or messed up somehow, someway in less than 5 seconds. It's gotta be a boy thing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Peyton's Newest Accomplishment

Peyton has now mastered "Bye-Bye" complete with a wave! He has been calling for Ma-Ma when he wants to get out of his crib but I never thought it meant anything until today when he was telling everyone bye-bye. I'm about to have another chatter box on my hands! Kent talks from sun up to sun down nonstop!


I love the colors blue & brown on the boys so today I put them both in it and took pictures to share. Their shirts have similar themes. Kent's says, "My Mom Rules" & Peyton's says, "Mommy loves me" Today was my first MOPS meeting of our new calendar year so I thought it was fitting that they wore their "Mommy" shirts.

8/28/08 Kent's Story

Kent has this little Mickey Mouse book that Santa brought last year and he practically has the thing memorized but has decided to change the story around a little to fit his imagination. This is Kent's versions of the story:

"Donald and Mickey say "Hello." Donald and Mickey BIG. Mickey & Donald go upstairs and clean their room and Mickey Mouse thre the trash in the trash and almost choked and Donald & Mickey talked and the cucku clock needed to be cleaned. Mickey Mouse watered his feet. The End."

Bubble Boys

Kent was taking a bubble bath in the "Big Tub" and Peyton was a little jealous so he reached in and started eating Kent's bubbles...Jeff said he looked like Uncle Sam but I don't think I've ever seen a poster with Uncle Sam sporting a Mohawk!

Swing Set

Nana gave Kent a really cool birthday gift this year, a swing set. We all enjoy going out in the early evening to swing, slide or climb the rock wall. Here are some pics from last week: